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The villa is rented only to you as a private entire house. The price of the rent depends on the number of guests in the villa.  Min nights 3. (Less than 4 nights or  long term stays 14 nights and more  INQUIRE here

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Villa Escape wishes to maintain a family atmosphere for the quiet enjoyment of Guests.   We rent to family groups and responsible adults only and hope you will find these informations useful. We will always be here to help as it will be possible for us at that moment, but no feedback time can be guaranteed. But we always try to give a helping hand immediately. In case of need or additional services  please contact directly  Mrs. Kelly Lopez-de L’isle, Mobile: (+5999) 6830993, WhatsApp, GSM,  company Quick Fix Owner Contact details: Phone: 00420 775 283 110, E-mail: 


  • NO EVENTS ! NIGHT SILENCE from 22:00  The villa is situated in one of the most beautiful places in the South-West coast of Curaçao, in Coral Estate, Rif St. Marie, where freedom, peace and quiet are key words & vital.Night silence from 10pm/ 22.00. Loud parties and noise are frowned upon. Quite Hours start at 10pm Absolutely NO house parties, commercial use or functions such as weddings are allowed without advance WRITTEN permission. Guests shall be sufficiently quiet and peaceful, so as not to disturb other residents of the neighborhood. **If we receive noise complaints repeatedly, the resort chamber will require you to leave the resort and the villa and no refunds will be issued**
  • FIRE: NO SMOKING or open fire, BBQ - Smoking in the villa or any open fire is strictly forbidden.  The use of the BBQ/ Gas Grill and Gas bomb at your own risk. Barbecue is only allowed at the BBQ area and is not allowed to remove it on the  terraces or pool deck. The gas grill must be properly switched off and check twice to ensure that everything is in order when you are finished. For the entire period of operation  adult supervision is recommended. If you are unsure, sprinkle water on the green area around the BBQ.  Keep presence necessary throughout the barbecue to avoid catching greenery!  FIRE Alarm IN THE INTERIOR ONLY is on all the time. There are  2 Firefighters located in the first floor hallways and 1 in the laundry. 
  • TOILETS Throw anything other than toilet paper and what nature provides into the toilet and waste. The Villa is equipped with a pumping system that breaks down if anything else is thrown away. Repair costs are to 2500.00USD  therefore  warnings are placed on all toilets . It may not be possible to repair it.
  • POOL  SAFETY :  To dive  and jump in the swimming pools and/or to extract other dangerous antics. It is strictly forbidden to jump  from the first floor terrace in the underlying pool. no glass in the pool !  SLIPPERY stairs  and pool areas - use plastic spatula and avoid spilled water. Babies must have napies !  Find blue Pool sieve for leaves. 
  • KIDS Parents with children are responsible for the safety of their children. Children under the age of 18 can not stay alone on the property and should be supervised by adults at all times. Parents are responsible for any damages and crisis situations caused by children or to children.
  • PETS Pets of any kind are NOT allowed in or on the villa's premises without specific written permission from Villa Owner (granted prior to arrival). 
  • ILLEGAL SUBSTANCES To use or brought into villa any illegal substances, flammable fluids (e.g., gasoline, kerosene, naphtha or benzene), or other explosives or articles deemed hazardous to life, limb or property.
  • PARKING PLACES : please be so kind and park  your vehicles on big concrete square tiles  only ( its load capacity is suitable for cars only) , please do not park on rectangular tiles intended for walking only, advise your taxi drivers during your stay, guets are responsible for their  suppliers incl. taxi. 
  • FURNITURE  Rearranging the furniture or removing any items from the villa is prohibited.
  • ELECTRICITY   Any manipulation of the main circuit breakers, fuses and electrical wiring is strictly prohibited.
  • NON PAYING GUESTS OR SERVICES    It is strictly prohibited the use of villa Escape and its equipment, pools, garden and parking spaces etc. by non-paying guests and visitors AND/ OR suppliers (that are not approved by Escape - Villa owners)! without the prior written consent of the property owner.  It is strictly prohibited to accommodate other guests or visitors, realize social events and  filming during your stay,  absolutely NO house parties, commercial use or functions such as weddings are allowed without advance WRITTEN permission.  If Guest is found to have had a wedding or any sort of group gathering for more persons than officially scheduled and paid for at the villa,  without advance written permission, main guest is subject to forfeiture of his entire villa security deposit to the villa's owner and agrees to   pay additional guest fee on site : 100,00/night for each extra guest or  the entire stay only.  
  • ARRIVAL/ DEPARTURE : CHECK IN :  4:00 PM - 8:00 PM (16:00 - 20:00) CURAÇAO time CHECK OUT :  8:00 AM - 11:00 AM CURAÇAO time . The early check-in or late check-out may only be agreed if it allows the arrival and departure of other guests . Has to be confirmed by the property manager. A fee of $ 150.00 /day time and $ 250.00 night time (8:30 PM - 7:30 AM ) is charged. This fee must be paid prior to arrival at the property's cash manager. Please note that the handover of the villa takes at least 30 min. Check in and check out can only be made in the presence of the main tenant, who made the reservation and paid security deposit. Departures and arrivals of other guests must take place in the same time or connection with the arrival and departure of the main tenant. Pre-termination is not allowed. Extensions will be subjected to availability and rate adjustments. In case of any early check out, main guest must inform property manager at least 48 hours in advance, to schedule earlier check out term. Guests will not be allowed at the Property unless payment has been received in full.
  •  VILLA ESCAPE :  Owners pictures and video  consent. To guests and other  photographers and especially a commercial photographer (commercial in the general sense that you take photographs or sell photographs for money or any profit or mark up), you should be aware of the copyright restrictions for Villa Escape building, architecture, interior and other intellectual property. Villa Escape is not public property, so it is non legal to photograph or videotape anything and anyone, without Villa Escape owners permission. Guests (stated on the Guest list only)  staying in the  can generally photograph personall pictures and videos during their stay  for private purposes only. Photographing or videotaping is generally considered legal, unless expressly prohibited, as set forth below: - The Villa Escape  owner restricts : dron use and dron  photography and video on the property.  Ban on the use of drones over  all real estate and nearby is justified not to disturb sourroundings and keep  the privacy of our  neighbours and other guests. - Guests are NOT allowed to and can be sue for using video recording and pictures taken in Villa Escape, Curacao for:  without owners permission, using pictures and videos taken in Villa Escape,Curacao  for commercial or advertising purposes or sold. - Guest are NOT allowed to use pictures and video of Villa Escape property with a clearly recognizable interior or exterior of the Escape villa property for  social sharing , Instagram share, FB, Pinterest and  use on all other digital applications and webpages, that enables sales of  adverstising or any other advertising based on the attractiveness of the users content. - Guests are strictly prohibited from making videos or porn and any indecent and socially unacceptable and outrageous content in Villa Escape, Curacao that could harm the investors,  owners, the resort chamber and comittee or future guests in any way. Guests are hereby made aware of the fact, they publish any  prohibited and above content  taken in Ville Escape property is considered defamation,  for it may subsequently significantly harm the business and private  interests of property owners. If guests use pictures and videos taken in the Villa Escape, Curacao property  without  owners written consent, it is considered a gross infringement on Villa Escape owners  privacy, initiate a lawsuit against them, sharing unless confiscated via a warrant. An individual could be ordered to pay damages in a civil lawsuit or might even face jail time or a hefty fine.  The legal penalties for copyright infringement are: Infringer pays the actual dollar amount of damages and profits. The law provides a range from $200 to $150,000 for each work infringed. Infringer pays for all attorneys fees and court costs. 
  • POWER FAILURE -  The property is 220 only, so in case of AquaElectra power supply problems the voltage  often fluctuates below 220 and stays only with one phase 110 for long time ( hours). Some other houses 110 only can be lit and this villa is not, till the all 3  phases are running again.   Please contact us in case  of Power failure  and we will monitor the situation online and will be able to check the property smart system online after switching the power ON again. ( For example the water valve closes the water when the electricity is off,  so it has to be opened up online again. )  electricit  will usually recover within a few hours and the water supply can be interrupted. For further questioning about the current situation please , contact the property management Kelly or Security at the gate. 
  • INTERNET FAILURE The property is connected to the Internet by fiber optic and the house is covered with several industrial wifi, which provide quality coverage of the interior and exterior.  In case of internet outage, please contact us and we'll try to check the situation with  UTS internet provider.
  • STRONG WIND  close all doors and shutters and ensure outdoor furniture not to hit anything,  especially the glass. Desk chairs must be removed from terrace - to garden, sofa - better to put inside etc. ( Please keep up to date with the weather forecast ) 
  • OUT OF ICE   Unfortunately, the ice maker often falls out, thanks to the sun shine that shines on the fridge, so we recommend you buying ice bags too. We have prepared for you another backup refrigerator with a freezer located in the laundry room, where you can fill the freezer with enough ice for the entire stay. Ice bags are available in all shops, the closest is the ice machine automat  in Karakter- restaurant in the Coral Estate Resort center -  next to the toilets.
  • NO LIGHTS IN INTERIOR ?  There might be a special Eco mode during the day light on,  the interior lights can not be switch on till the daylightght intensity is less than 2000 lumens, only in the areas with no day light ( first floor wardrobes and bathrooms  in no.1 and 4.)  Exterior lights also switch  on automatically  when the light intensity is less than 2000 lumens and switch off at 2am. The exterior lights can be switched on at any time according to individual needs using switches. You can find build in sockets in kitchen and bedrooms, avoid water. 
  • SUSPECTED / DAMAGE  You agree to able possibility of inspection during the duration of the villa rent by the property management in the case of suspected damage or other unauthorized property use. Refundable demage deposit. You must provide with a 1000,00 USD refundable security deposit piayable via PayPal or Credit Card + 3.5% charge per transaction to act as collateral for any losses or damages to the property or to the real estate (including its contents) during the rental period and the charge the amount of these losses or damages. In case of no damage, deposits are refundable within 7 to 14 days of your departure, provided there is no breakage, damage, missing items, no additional cleaning for villas left abnormally dirty and no other charges incurred before, during or after your stay, still outstanding. You hereby agree to pay the cleaning or replacement costs for all damages to personal property or to the real estate, which may occur as a result of your occupancy. You as the Guest agree to take all reasonable steps to ensure that your family and other guests in your party adhere to the rules and regulations affecting your villa. Damages to the personal property or to the real estate / amenities and inventory.  The guests takes over the state of property, real estate and its equipment according to a detailed delivery protocol with which they agree and to which the initial condition of the property is applied. Damage should always be reported immediately to  and Property Manager. Self repair of damages or purchase of broken replacement equipment is not allowed. In case accidental damage such as re-keying costs, stained bedding and walls sewer or toilet clogging etc, the property manager will arrange the repairman in the shortest possible time and arrange for the repair. Guests are required to allow immediate repair. Reported damages with a total of $ 50 in total will not be charged, with a total up to $ 1000 in total will be deducted from the damage deposit. If the amount of damage to the property or to the real estate exceeds the amount of Refundable Damage Protection $ 1000 the guest undertakes to pay for damage incurred invoices and costs immediately on site prior departure. Payment methods : Cash on site, PayPall or Credit Card ( Visa, Master). Damage is meant any damage or restriction on the use of the property/real estate/ amenities and inventor or damage that occurred during the rental period and was found at the latest 5 days after guests departure. If, as a consequence of the damage, the villa cannot be rented to following guests under normal conditions, guests who caused the damage or during their stay the damage became agree to pay compensation. Registered guests will be held responsible for any missing or damaged items in the property or any internal/external areas of Villa . This liability extends to both registered guests and their visitors. ESCAPE VILLA FRIENDLY INSURANCE RECOMMENDATION: 
  • COMPLAINTS  AND MAINTANCE shall make every effort to keep property and its inventories in good working order. In case of a maintenance problem, they will strive to repair the problem as soon as possible after being notified. They reserve the right to be allowed to cure a reported problem. However, no refund or rate adjustment shall be made for unforeseen mechanical failures of the property and real estate such as the supply of electricity, internet service, water, pool filtration systems, jacuzzi, air conditioning, appliances, etc. It is the Guest's obligation to report any problems or damage to their villa IMMEDIATELY to us, regardless of the hour. If there is a guest, no further accommodation or other refunds will be provided.
  • ABOVE UTILITIES Electricity /water. Rates are inclusive the average consumption of energy and water ( 50.00USD /night for prices from 780.00USD and more / per night ,   30.00USD /night for all cheaper rates). In case of higher consumption, these cost will be deducted from the deposits at the end of your stay or the client undertakes to pay the difference on the spot when check out.  How much electricity and water covers that ? Depends on the Aquaelectra current rates that changes every month. Usually the rates are 0,7 Nafúkwh= O,4 USD/ kwh and 16 Naf/m3 of water = 9.20 USD/m3. In case of higher above- average  consumption, these costs will be deducted from the deposits at the end of your stay or the client undertakes to pay the difference on the spot when check out via Credit Card or Cash on site.  Guests can check the current consumption at property meters anytime. Prices are listed at The resulting consumption will be calculated at check out and the guest will be provided with a detailed table of total energy consumption on site at departure. In case of internet outage, it will be sent by email the same day. Electricity and water meter status is supplemented with photos of meters on the day of arrival and departure. The total consumption is always very individual, especially according to the frequency of use of air conditioners, which are equipped in all rooms of the villa. 
  • SATURDAY - POOL MAINTENANCE  Both pools are cleaned automatically every day and personally by a pool company once a week. Every saturday around noon pool maintenance company cleans both pools and check ph and chlorine, the procedure lasts 1-2 hours, in case of water problems please send us a picture and we will arrange a pool check in return.
  • TUESDAY - TRASH / WASTE COLLECTION -  Trash is collecte  by Selicor company every Tuesday. On Tuesday morning, guests must move the green trash bin from the plot to the sidewalk, so Selicor can reach it from the road and empty it. Guests have to return trash bin behind the gate to the area of the villa plot, so that the green trash bin can not be found on the street and sidewalk of the resort. If  guests will not move the green trash bin to the street, Selicor will not take it and empty it.   If the guests subsequently do not move the empty  green trash  bin back from the road and sidewalk to the plot ( behind the gate) , Coral Estate services  will be taken the trash bin away and returned to the guests under a fine of ANG 50.00. Guests will have  to pick up the trash bin by car. Yes, it is absolutely crazy annoying, but unfortunately Coral Estate Services do not offer this basic service of removing and returning the green trash bin to the plot as a paid service we would have ordered so we have no other option…
  • CLEANING and LAUNDRY SERVICE /CHECK OUT or additional : Finall cleaning included only, Extra cleanings can be arranged with property manager on site. Guests can find cleaning, laundry and ironing facilities in the laundry area. Always check the appliance before use, dryer - that the filter is empty, washing machine - whether the rubber is clean, iron -clean, so that you do not damage your clothes. Washing machine - how to turn on / Dryer : how to clean the filter 
  • GARDENING / 1x 14 days 
  • ADDITIONAL SERVICES To provide our guests with a smooth running of additional services, these are provided by local professional property management company Quick fix - Mrs. Kelly Lopez. All orders and payments of additional services are made directly with her.If you are interested in any of these services such as grocery shoppings, extra cleaning during your stay, transfers from the airport etc, car rental, tours, activities etc please arrange all the details with Kelly directly, so she can arrange everything nicely for your arrival.

Dear friends,  please see our amateur video guide of Villa Escape, which should help you to understand how to use the villa smart  appliances, amenities and equipment and guide you in case of minor maintenance interventions. We hope you find the videos helpful and we welcome any content suggestions you may have ! 

  • ENTRANCE : DIGITAL ENTRY LOCKS  AND CODES : Guests are given individual codes on the day of arrival to enter the gate , entrance door and bottom entry in the kitchen. At the same time, the keys are handed over in the event of technical outages or power outages. Passing codes to other than accommodated guests is prohibited. How to open entrance doors / digit code key , How to open kitchen doors - digital lock , how to lock it from inside 
  • SECURITY ALARM AND MOTION SENCORS  are off during guests' stay, please keep all doors locked, when leaving and over night. Fire Alarm is on all the time.  No smoking villa. 
  • SECURITY OUTDOORS CAMERAS  - There are 5 exterior security  cameras for your safety  monitoring driveway gat , entrance doors, storage doors and garden gate. NO INTERIOR or POOL AREA cameras! 
  • BATHROOM SKYlights  - bathroom roof windows in Bedroom 2 and 3 have  rain sensor and opens automatically to keep out the humidity,  please keep the bathroom doors closed, so there is no excess electricity usage (when AC ON) 
  • BEDROOM SHUTTERS-  Shutters are also set automatically, but can be opened and closed individually too by using marked switches on the wall. Between individual functions open and close it is necessary to keep at least a few 5 minutes interval, there is a fuse, which protects the shutters motors from overheating and destruction. The automatic mode is set so that if the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor area is higher than 5 degrees Celsius, the system considers that you are using the air conditioner and will automatically close the shutters. 
  • AC AND Fens   - turn off AC when leaving. When the AC is on we recommend to close the curtains during the day and close all  doors and shutters to keep the right clima. AC how to use 
  • SMART LG TV’s -    TV’S and Entertainment  In bedrooms 1 and 4 TV is smartly hidden in the TV lift drawer in front of the king bed , so you can watch TV just from bed and if you just want to enjoy the breathtaking 180 panoramic sea views, you can slide down the TV lift easily i with an automatic remote and the TV no longer spoils this unique sea view. Villa is equipped with5 SMART LG TV’s , TV is equipped in every bedroom which allows you to watch any TV streaming service Netflix, around the world independently . Make sure you know how to connect to your accounts before arrival. In the living room the smart TV is equipped with Apple TV and Playstation with DVD playback. We have also prepared an HDMI cable connected to living room TV, for playback from your personal devices.
  • How to use Apple TV - Living room , Smart TV in bedrooms - how to install Apps , How to use speaker 
  • POOL  LIGHTS are switched on and off individually according to the guests' needs with the switches located in the interior.
  • POOL JACUZZI - switch located opposite the kitchen, a long push to switch on, short to switch off. It switches off automatically after 10 minutes,   be aware of the sharp corners and the benches.
  • HANGING CHAIRS - it serves relaxing swing, not to swing strongly to avoid damage to property and health, the max weight is 100 Kg. 
  • PHARMACY Guest can use  at their own risk  first aid pharmacy, located in a once of the drawers in the halway under the mirror. There is also a pressure gauge. The Heart Defibrillator is the closest located in the  Karakter Restaurant. In the case of need call the rescue service - phone on the stand. 
  • DRINKING WATER FROM THE TAP  - The Villa has a connection to the normal water supply to use as drinking water. For further water quality information, contact AQUAELEKTRA , Curacao. 
  • SAFES AND VALUABLES  Each bedroom is fully lockable and contains a safe with the possibility of setting individual digital code. See video at Never store any chemicals, powders or weapons in the safe ! set up individual digit code, only in bedroom No. 4 the code has to be always 5950. In case you need to use the SAFE master, key contact property manager. 
  • 220V European sockets   Please remember, its 220v in Escape Villa, Curacao, so you might need adapters or dual voltage. The villa is equipped with 5-10 pieces of adapters from 220V to 110V. 
  • CLIMA - BLINDS , CURTAINS If you want to pull down  the blinds, first close the individual glass panels behind them so its  protected from the wind. Then pull the blind to the desired level.  To pull up again , pull down  a little, then slowly roll up and stop. How to scroll - see the video at If the blind pops out of the mechanism, see the video  for  “ how to repair”how to fix it , when it gets stuck down?  If the blind can not be pull, you will have to remove the blind and at the flat end (usually on the left side )  must be pulled clockwise using pliers or manually, maximum 9 turns and then returned. Then it should work.  If you are going from the villa to the beach or for a longer time trip, especially in the afternoon from 3 pm, we recommend pulling down the blinds and curtains to avoid heat from the glass.
  • BBQ - The use of the BBQ/ Gas Grill and Gas bomb at your own risk. Barbecue is only allowed at the BBQ area and is not allowed to remove it on the terraces or pool deck. The gas grill must be properly switched off and check twice to ensure that everything is in order when you are finished. For the entire period of operation adult supervision is recommended. If you are unsure, sprinkle water the green area around the BBQ.
  • KITCHEN APPLIANCES : Kitchen - dishwasher: how to turn on and how to clean the filter in case of trouble, please see the video guide page for cleaning it. In case there are wheels missing from the lower basket, we have prepared an extra wheels for you - you find them in the first upper drawer in the kitchen on the far left. 
  • See more videos :
  • Kitchen - built in electric sockets 
  • Kitchen - toaster : how to use and clean 
  • Kitchen - coffe machine : how to use it 
  • Kitchen - milk frother : how to use it 
  •  Guests are aware of their sole responsibility to the property or to the real estate (including its contents) and health and waive the right to claim any damages to the owner. Villa owners and management cannot be held responsible for any loss of personal belongings, cash or valuables, room safes are provided and recommended for guest use.Guests should ensure that all doors are properly secure at all times during occupancy must lock all windows and doors securely at all times when not on the premises, and must exercise care in securing all property and all cautions as given in our Guest Guide and fully are responsible for its compliance.  Guests are aware of their sole responsibility to the property or to the real estate (including its contents) and health and waive the right to claim any damages to the owner. 
    Guests should ensure that all doors are properly secure at all times during occupancy. Guests must lock all windows and doors securely at all times when not on the premises, and must exercise care in securing all property and all cautions as given in our Guest Guide and fully are responsible for its compliance. Villa owners and management cannot be held responsible for any loss of personal belongings, cash or valuables, room safes are provided and recommended for guest use. Villa owners and may not be held liable for the cost of damage, personal injury, illness, safety , death, loss and / or damage and accidents in any form caused by any building elements, equipment or property in their possession suffered by You/All guests or any other visitors of your party during the rental period or thereafter. In the event of an accident, injury, health problems or crime, guests must contact the emergency hospital and Curacao authorities directly. does not provide first aid, medical or investigation services or their mediation. Villa owners and , the property - real estate is privately owned. The reserve the right to refuse service or rentals to anyone at their complete discretion. Villa Escape is not responsible for printing or publishing errors, inadvertent omissions, or for the content of any other web sites.

I agree that I am personally liable for all costs and charges incurred in the event that any such costs and charges are not paid in full and confirm that my responsibility and liability in that regard is not waived or released in any way. I hereby declare that I am the main guest and all of our guests, hereby declare that I have no reservations to the above and this is confirmed by my handwritten signature.

 I agree and acknowledge that when entering and using the unsupervised Pool, I do so at my own risk and that Villa Escape  shall not be liable for any such personal injury, death or property loss and/or damage.

Signature …………………………………………………………………………….

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    Book your stay directly and choose your free services : Airport transfer, in between cleanings, grocery shopping or late check out   FOR FREE as a bonus for direct bookings! ( Min 7 nights , not aplicable for discounted last minutes rates.)

  • Excellent location! 9,9 ★

    VILLLA ESCAPE IS located on the very best spot in premier gated Coral Estate Resort,  just 4 min by walk from  Coral Estate Center where you find beatifull fully service beach, awarded Restaurant Karakter,  Koraal bar & Pool, Spa & Beauty, Padi dive center,  Bakery and shops, Security & Front desk. 

  • ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Hotel Amenities

    King size beds, AC, Electric shading & mosquito screens,  Smart TV & TV lifts, Nespresso, Minibar, Safe, free Wi-Fi, Luxury Bathrooms with rain shower & 2 sinks, Bathrobes, Slippers, Shampoo & Dush gel, Hairdryer, Towels, Linen, Desk, Wardrobe, Lockable suites, Black out curtains. 

  • 180°Sea View from ALL ROOMS !
  • 2 private pools & jacuzzi

    Enjoy 2 private pools, beautiful infinity pool with stunning sea views and jacuzzi and a small design paddle pool on the upper terrace with panoramic sea view .

  • Additional services & Private Chefs

    Knowing that all your cleaning, grocery shopping, meals, transfers and more will be attended makes unwinding easy. Escape Villa offers a wide range off additional services  providing our guests with an exceptional villa holiday. 

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